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AAA Lawn Care Program


1. January-February
Early Season- A liquid Pre-emergent for control of crabgrass and other grassy weeds.
2. March-April
Spring –Additional pre-emergent to control weeds as they germinate, such as clover and henbit.  Also a liquid fertilizer to help green-up the lawn.


3. April-May
Late Spring – Spray for late germinating broadleaf weeds such as fireweed and crabgrass. Fertilization to enhance green-up.
4. June-July
Summer – A dry granular fertilizer to maintain healthy turf.  We spot treat troublesome weeds.

5. August-September
Late Summer- A dry granular fertilizer to extend color through the season. Continued control of any existing weeds.

6. October-November
Fall –  Liquid pre-emergent for control of winter weeds including onions and spurge.

7. November-January
Winter –  Lime is applied to raise the ph level of the soil. Lime will enhance the effectivess of the fertilizer applications.  Spot spray any existing weeds.


• Core Aeration -  Aeration relieves compaction, allows water and nutrients to more effectively reach the root zone of the grass, and reduces thatch build up.

• Grub Control – Grubs can eat the roots of the grass and be damaging to your yard.  We offer preventative and curative grub treatments.

• Lawn Fungicide & Disease Control - There are many lawn diseases that can attack your lawn throughout the year. We offer fungicides to help.

• Fescue Overseeding – For lawns with too much shade for Bermuda or Zoysia, Fescue overseeding is what we recommend. Overseeding Fescue annually in the fall will have the best results.

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